A Photographic Guide to Insects of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean

A Photographic Guide to Insects of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean
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Size:195 × 135mm
Over 2000 colour photos
Author: Paul D. Brock

First of its kind, this new guide features many of the large, spectacular insects a visitor to southern Europe and the Mediterranean is likely to encounter. All the major insect groups of this region are covered in its 416 pages, including many endemic species.

Within this book's 420 page covering 1500 insect species and with over 2000 photographs and 1500 maps the author provides a magnificent, colourful insight into the insect fauna of southern Europe and the Mediterranean. A magnificent and colourful insight into the insect fauna of this region.

 From the author of the acclaimed 'A comprehensive guide to insects of Britain and Ireland'

"[...] this book is a quantum leap forward. The photographs are generally excellent, the species descriptions are clear, often with the defining features clarified, and there are distribution maps for every species. [...] The book covers 1,500 species, which, since the area contains an estimated minimum of 66,000 species, represents only 2.27% of the total. The selection, however, is limited to those that are reasonably conspicuous and identifiable in the field, so that most of those not covered may be of interest only to the specialist. In practice, it seems to be a well-chosen selection. [...] Would I recommend this to a friend (or British Wildlife reader)? Unhesitatingly – it takes the possibilities for insect identification in southern Europe into a new realm. Would I buy it myself? Absolutely, I already had, and I would buy it again if I lost this copy. I also like the fact that it is produced by an adventurous, small publisher, and that publisher has done an excellent job of producing it, at a reasonable price. [...] Buy it, it is excellent!" – Bob Gibbons, British Wildlife

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