Our services

We combine ecological expertise with a distinctive style in graphic design that is widely acknowledged by our clients and customers alike. 

ECOLOGY: We offer professional expertise in both marine and terrestrial ecosystems in the UK, Europe and further afield. We specialise in preparing protected area management plans, site surveys and assessments, wildlife management, stakeholder consultation and engagement, writing and editing briefs and background papers, organising study tours and drawing up project specifications and grant proposals. 

DESIGN AND PUBLISHING: We provide a unique combination of creativity and enthusiasm for wildlife and the environment, producing exceptional nature reserve guides, newsletters and technical reports, as well as a wide range of natural history books under our acclaimed publishing imprint, Pisces Publications. Our knowledge, creativity and attention to detail has been rewarded with a loyal client base, including inter-governmental bodies, statutory agencies, research institutes, national and international voluntary organisations, private individuals and companies.

NatureBureau: since 1990 

To discuss your project or proposal, please contact: info@naturebureau.co.uk