Welcome our new members

10 July 2024  |  Admin

We are thrilled to announce the addition of two exceptional professionals to our team: Dr. Lissa Batey and Helen Walsh. Their extensive backgrounds in conservation and communication will be invaluable to our organization as we continue to champion environmental causes and engage with our community.

Introducing Dr. Lissa Batey


Dr. Lissa Batey brings over two decades of experience in marine conservation to our team. Her journey in this field began with six years at sea on a research vessel, where she taught marine biology and dolphin behavior. This hands-on experience fostered her deep commitment to the ocean and its inhabitants.

Dr. Batey's career further flourished during her 15-year tenure at The Wildlife Trusts, where she rose to the position of Head of Marine Conservation. She played a pivotal role in inspiring communities to protect marine life, from local events to advocating for policy changes in Westminster. Notably, she led campaigns for the closure of Lyme Bay Reefs and the protection of other critical marine areas. Her work included managing Marine Protected Areas, overseeing fisheries and aquaculture projects, and developing marine spatial planning and prioritization strategies to achieve nature’s recovery at sea.

Currently serving as Senior Marine Ecologist at NatureBureau Ltd., Dr. Batey is involved in various marine and ecological projects across Europe and beyond. Her comprehensive expertise continues to drive significant initiatives in marine conservation.

Outside of her professional life, Dr. Batey enjoys exploring nature through coastal walks, treks over Dartmoor, and bodyboarding on the beaches of Devon and Cornwall.

Welcoming Helen Walsh

Helen Walsh joins us as our new Design and Publications Manager. She is a pioneer in biological photography and imaging, having been one of the first to graduate from the University of Nottingham with an MSc in this field. This passion for capturing and communicating the beauty and complexity of the natural world has been a cornerstone of her career.

Helen has over 20 years of experience in the communications sector, beginning as Promotions Officer for the West Midlands Biodiversity Partnership and later serving as Media and Communications Manager for the Berks, Bucks, and Oxon Wildlife Trust. In 2010, she founded Lonely Cottage Productions and transitioned to full-time freelance work, specializing in science communication. Her portfolio includes creative projects ranging from interpretive panels for public nature reserves to strategic documents for stakeholders. Most recently, she has been working with the Chilterns National Landscape on their website and promoting their Chalk, Cherries, and Chairs Landscape Partnership scheme.

Helen's work is widely recognized and published, demonstrating her expertise in graphic design, illustration, photography, editing, writing, branding, and interpretation. She has collaborated with notable organizations such as The Wildlife Trusts, the British Ecological Society, Plantlife, the United Nations Environment Programme, and various Protected Landscapes. Helen holds a BSc in Zoology and is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Helen is the Vice Chair of Governors at her children’s primary school. She is also an avid photographer who has traveled to Australia, North America, India, and Africa to capture wildlife. Helen enjoys baking, staying fit, and walking in the woods with her family.

A Bright Future Ahead

We are incredibly excited about the remarkable contributions that Dr. Lissa Batey and Helen Walsh will bring to our team. Their combined expertise and passion for conservation and communication will undoubtedly propel our projects and initiatives to new heights.

Stay tuned for updates on the innovative work that Lissa and Helen will be leading. We are confident that their addition to our team will inspire even greater engagement and impact within our community and beyond.

Welcome, Dr. Lissa Batey and Helen Walsh!

We hope you share our enthusiasm as we welcome these two outstanding individuals to our team. Their experience, passion, and dedication will be instrumental as we continue our mission to protect and celebrate the natural world.