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Discovering Scotland's Butterflies

£29.95   £20.00

To be published October 2022- order now and save 9.95! Offer closes 31st October.

Butterflies of Kent and South East London


Just published!

Pollinators in Crisis


Just published!

Butterflies of Cornwall


Just arrived!

The Bumblebee Book


The Bumblebee Book offers an easy introduction for those new to bumblebees and also provides the more experienced naturalist with a wealth of information about their fascinating lives.

Moths of the West Midlands


This is the first-ever book on the moths of the West Midlands covering all of the macro moths in the region.

A Beginner's Guide to Dragonflies & Damselflies of Britain & Ireland


Take your first steps in identifying these amazing insects with the latest addition to our 'Guide to Finding' series.

Atlas of Britain & Ireland's Larger Moths


Life cycles of British and Irish Butterflies


With detailed descriptions and photos of the adult, egg, caterpillar and chrysalis of each species, this book provides unique insights into a hidden world.

A Photographic Guide to Insects of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean


From the author of the acclaimed 'A comprehensive guide to insects of Britain and Ireland'

The Bees of Norfolk


This book is the first to cover all of Norfolk's 197 bee species and will appeal to specialists and non-specialists alike.

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Page 1 of 2:    14 Items
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