Wildlife in British Overseas Territories

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A Guide to Birds of the Chagos Archipelago


Just published!

Terrestrial & Freshwater Invertebrates of St. Helena


St Helena has a unique invertebrate fauna of great evolutionary interest, including over 420 endemic species. This is the first identification guide to cover nearly all of the island's native and established invertebrates.

Mosses, Liverworts & Hornworts of  Ascension Island


Covers 87 species, including 60 mosses, 23 liverworts and four hornworts.

Lichens of St Helena


Covers all 225 species of lichens found on the remote tropical island of St Helena

Mosses and Liverworts of St Helena


This guide describes over 100 species, including 60 newly identified by the author and specialists since 2005. The informative text and keys are accessible to beginners and professional bryologists alike.


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