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European Bryaceae - a guide to the species of the moss family Bryaceae in Western & Central Europe and Macaronesia


The Bryaceae includes 69 species occurring in W & C Europe and N Macaronesian islands. This comprehensive new Guide is based on research carried out over 22 years in the field and in herbaria. It is the first detailed floristic work on the family to adopt the current taxonomy derived from DNA sequence data.

Cambridgeshire's Mosses & Liverworts


In this book Chris Preston and Mark Hill describe the bryophyte flora of the vice-county, based on a survey undertaken by local bryologists between 2000 and 2018

Mosses, Liverworts & Hornworts of  Ascension Island


Covers 87 species, including 60 mosses, 23 liverworts and four hornworts.

Atlas of British and Irish Bryophytes (2 volume set)

£75.00   £50.00

All 1069 species of hornworts, mosses and liverworts are mapped in this two-volume publication. "A truly magnificent achievement" Prof. John Birks

Lichens of St Helena


Covers all 225 species of lichens found on the remote tropical island of St Helena

Mosses and Liverworts of St Helena


This guide describes over 100 species, including 60 newly identified by the author and specialists since 2005. The informative text and keys are accessible to beginners and professional bryologists alike.

Atlas of the Bryophytes of South Hampshire

£9.95   £7.50

The first systematic record of the bryophyte flora of South Hampshire in over 40 years


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