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The Flora of Sutton Park National Nature Reserve


Just published!

Oxfordshire's Theatened Plants


Detailed information about 274 species found to be threatened in Oxfordshire, and will help the reader find them

The Flora of Sussex


This comprehensive Flora has been compiled by the Sussex Botanical Recording Society to update, expand and revise the Sussex Plant Atlas published in 1980 and is the first major account of the county's flora since Wolley-Dod's work of 1937.

The Flora of Lanarkshire


This Flora represents decades of meticulous research and field work and contains historical and current records of plants growing in wild situations across the very diverse county.

The Flora of Derbyshire


Willmot & Moyes’ The Flora of Derbyshire is the first Flora for this botanically-rich county since 1969. Printed in full colour throughout and based on ¾ million plant records, it is the culmination of nearly 20 years of research and fieldwork by the authors and their helpers.

The Flora of Renfrewshire


An essential reference book for ecologists, site surveyors, naturalists, land managers and students, and a valuable resource for anyone interested in the local environment and its conservation

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