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Mosses, Liverworts & Hornworts of  Ascension Island


Covers 87 species, including 60 mosses, 23 liverworts and four hornworts.

A Photographic Guide to Insects of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean


From the author of the acclaimed 'A comprehensive guide to insects of Britain and Ireland'

The Bees of Norfolk


This book is the first to cover all of Norfolk's 197 bee species and will appeal to specialists and non-specialists alike.

Flora of Lanarkshire


This Flora represents decades of meticulous research and field work and contains historical and current records of plants growing in wild situations across the very diverse county.

Butterflies of the West Midlands


This book will appeal to butterfly enthusiasts of all ages and experience, from complete beginners to those who are already keen butterfly watchers or photographers

Floodplain Meadows


Floodplain Meadows - Beauty and Utility
A Technical Handbook. This comprehensive and beautifully illustrated handbook covers everything you need to know about the history, management, restoration and creation of this vitally important, yet threatened, habitat.

Guide to Finding bundle

£35.70   £29.50

Get all six titles on Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire from the Guide to Finding series at a special price

The Nature of Wyre


The Wyre Forest, on the borders of Shropshire and Worcestershire is one of Britain’s most important ancient woodlands and home to a stunning array of wildlife.

Guide to Finding Birds in Odessa Region, Ukraine


This attractive and user-friendly guide provides an introduction to some of the best wildlife sites in the Odessa region and the bird species to be found there.

The Flora of Derbyshire


Willmot & Moyes’ The Flora of Derbyshire is the first Flora for this botanically-rich county since 1969. Printed in full colour throughout and based on ¾ million plant records, it is the culmination of nearly 20 years of research and fieldwork by the authors and their helpers.

Guide to Finding Orchids in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight


This attractive and easy to use Guide helps to identify the 36 species of orchid found in the two counties, focusing on their most distinctive features. Each species is beautifully photographed, while the text provides key characteristics and habitat information.

Guide to Finding Seashore and Rockpool Life in Somerset


Seaweeds and marine creatures like crabs are a familiar sight on a beach – but what type of seaweed and what type of crab? This new guide by photographer and naturalist Nigel Phillips illustrates 136 species that you are likely to find on a beach expedition in Somerset.

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